Using our technological and human resourses we develop tools that avoid the excessive costs of tooling and issues that affect lead times.


Our strategic location on the northen border of Mexico and the United States, we have the ability to move our F.G. and materials quickly. Our logistics is always based on the JIT principles.


Our quality systems are always focused on preventing and detecting any defect in the productive area as well as in materials and products.

Contract Manufacturing Services

We’re your smart manufacturing solution.

We identify the needs of our clients and their products

We collaborate using thecnologies and human skills we develop collaborative relationships with our clients. Allways be working on the ways that help us to constantly improve.

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Our Manufacturing Sectors

We select the tools and processes needed to meet those needs.


Our main production process is the assembly of PCB, we have more than 20 years assembling SMT, TH. For the assembly of PCB We have the tools and equipment necessary to be able to assemble SMD (Surface-Mount Technology) or THT (Through-Hole Technology) components from prototypes to the volume you need.

Cases and hard Pack

Part of the services offered by NPD Technology is the production of cases for products with forming technology, we can handle plastic and metal. Avoiding high costs in tooling. .


Packing and repacking of products as well as packaging design and production is one of the strongest activities. We are experts in logistical and standardized management. Boxes, Foams, Label systems. Art Design.

Latest Finished Projects

Contract Manufacturing Services.